Scholarships, Waivers & Rewards Based on Scholastic Achievements

The following category of students are eligible for Direct Admission with scholarship

Criteria for Scholarship Scholarship on Tuition Fee
Board Topper 100%
Minimum of 94% in aggregrate & 99% in (Science + Maths) 90%
Minimum of 93% in aggregrate & 98% in (Science + Maths) 75%
Minimum of 92% in aggregrate & 98% in (Science + Maths) 65%
Minimum of 90% in aggregrate & 97% in (Science + Maths) 35%

Note: For students joining the Regular FIITJEE programs, all these scholarships will be capped to a maximum of 35% (on Tuition FEE) Only

Fee Concession for siblings of Present / Ex-FIITJEEians

10% fee concession on Tuition Fee to siblings i.e. fee concession to real brothers / sisters of Present / Ex-FIITJEEians enrolled in any FIITJEE Classroom Program. Candidates will be eligible under this criteria after submission of affidavit (format can be collected from your nearest FIITJEE Centre or downloaded from with proof of study of present FIITJEEian or earlier child (ex-students of FIITJEE) & photocopy of Birth certificates of both children (original copy of birth certificates of both children to be presented for verification at the time of enrollment).

Terms & Conditions for Rewards and Scholarships.

  • For Physically Disabled: The benefit will be given to those candidates having at least 40% permanent physical disability in relation to a body part / system / extremity / extremities / whole body etc. for any category of disability (viz., Locomotor, visual, speech, and/or hearing). The student has to submit an attested photocopy of the certificate issued by the Govt. General Hospital. FIITJEE management’s decision in this regard will be final and binding.
  • The Scholarships on the basis of X board performance / fee waivers / fee concessions are valid only after qualifying FIITJEE’s Admission Test of the respective program.
  • The final discretion of award of scholarships / fee waivers / fee concession in each case will remain with FIITJEE and the decision will be final and binding on the candidate.
  • The mentioned scholarships / fee waivers / fee concession are applicable for those students who enrol themselves between November, 2016 to August, 2017.
  • Any student can avail only one of the “Other Category Fee Waivers” during his / her entire academic session at FIITJEE.
  • An eligible student can get the combined benefit of any one of the “Other Category Fee Waivers” (as mentioned above) along with the “Fee Concession for siblings of Present / Ex-FIITJEEians” and Scholarship if awarded i.e. all the benefits can be compounded as stated in the following example.
  • For example, if a physically disabled sister / brother of present FIITJEE student who is already enrolled in any Classroom Program qualifies in our Admission Test with a scholarship of 50% on Tuition Fee and if the Tuition Fee of the Classroom program offered to the student is Rs. 10,000/- , the final Tuition fee payable by the student will be calculated as follows
    1. Rs. 10,000 less 50% scholarship = Rs. 5,000/-
    2. Rs. 5,000 less 25% (Physical Disability Waiver) = Rs. 3,750/-
    3. Rs. 3,750 less 10% (Sibling concession)= Rs. 3,375/-

Other Category Fee Waivers

  1. 25% Tuition fee waiver for students with Physical Disability.
  2. 25% Tuition fee waiver to children of War Widows (Defence Personnel).
  3. 25% Tuition fee waiver to son / daughter of Defence Personnel disabled in War.