About IIT

Getting into Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is the dream of every engineering aspirant in India. The IITs are established to provide world class education to Indian Students and to make them top Scientists and Engineers. Indian Institutes of Technology are the best institutes to study technology and science. There are fifteen IITs at present, located in Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Guwahati,Hyderabad, Indore, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Chennai, Mandi, Patna, Ropar-Punjab, Jodhpur, Roorkee.ISM Dhanbad and IT(BHU) Varanasi are also considered at par will IITs and have similar admission criteria.

The primary objectives behind such institutions are to:

  • Build a solid foundation of scientific and technical knowledge and thus to prepare competent and motivated engineers and scientists.
  • Create environment for freedom of thought, cultivate vision, encourage growth, develop personality and self discipline for pursuit of excellence.
  • Kindle entrepreneurial streak.

All of the above help to prepare the students admitted to these institutions for successful professional and social lives. Today, alumni of these institutions occupy key positions in industry and academia in India and abroad. For more info about any of the IITs click on the IIT city mentioned above.